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We are a brand which has been born into mother nature. It's time to create a new feeling.

How it all begann – our idea of the perfect leather store

While traveling in deserts of Rajasthan India in 2017, WerKens Founder Tasneem witnessed the hardships faced by Artisans of Leather Handicrafts. Wanting to help, she created WerKens, a company that would match needs of village Artisans by making High Quality Handcrafted Leather products and selling these exclusive quality products to customers all over the world

Field WerKen cover

WerKens excels in the field of Musical Instrument Accessories, Leather Straps for Guitars, Ukulele and String Instruments, Drum and Percussions Gadgets, Laptop Covers,Sleeves and Bags. Handcrafted with Original Leather and finished with Naturally tanned Oil processing WerKens leather products are Eco Friendly, Chemical Free and Long Lasting products.

The Expertise of the Werken – nothing can stop us

WerKens expertise in Handmade Paper Leather Cover Journals and Diaries, handmade paper is chemical free and made of cotton cloth waste the entire product is recyclable and environment friendly. The Leather Journals make a perfect gift item and a gem for artists and travellers who wish to cherish the memories.

AWESOME STRAPS! I will buy more. Really really good looking and good quality! I was very pleased with these straps.
Sean Walsh
Great Guitar Strap! I liked that it was a wide guitar strap. The color & price is very good!!! I am thinking about ordering another for a fellow guitarist, who's birthday is coming up
Astrid Sorensen
Oslo, Norway
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